We are a Brazilian company from sugar-ethanol market, with global operation and with ongoing search for productivity, innovation, efficiency and sustainability in its DNA. We produce clean energy and healthy foods to service customers in Brazil and in more than 60 countries.


Established in 1946, Zilor has three agroindustrial plants located in the state of São Paulo (Lençóis Paulista, Macatuba and Quatá).

With 100% mechanized harvest and more than 3.5 thousand collaborators, the company stands out due to a diversified portfolio, that has consolidated it as a role player in the country as a producer of ethanol, electric power, sugar and natural ingredients, based on sugar cane.

Business Unit

Biorigin, specialized in biotechnological processes from 100% natural ingredients, services human feeding, animal nutrition, industrial fermentation and ecological markets.

With units in Brazil, United States and Belgium, it operates in more than 60 countries. Due to diversification as business strategy, we rely on 90% of exported production, servicing North American, European, Asian and Latin America.

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Sustainability and Environment

Besides producing clean energy and healthy foods, that make our planet more sustainable and that enable improving the lives of thousands of people, we have a solid commitment with the Environment.

We invest in a responsible business model, we are committed with sustainable growth through all our manufacturing chain and make ongoing investments, to increase our process efficiency, along with natural resource preservation and respect to all society.

Social Responsibility

Zilor invests constantly in communities where it operates by means of its own resources and sponsored projects.

Since 2007, we have used resources enabled by means of tax incentive laws, to benefit, as a priority, children and teenagers, with activities that involve education, culture and sports, in order to foster personal and social development.