Work With Us

Work with Us

We are a Brazilian industry that operates globally and constantly searches for Efficiency, Innovation, Productivity, and Sustainability. We have three agroindustrial units located in the state of São Paulo (Lençóis Paulista, Macatuba, and Quatá), and a diversified portfolio, consolidating our position as an important player in the country that produces ethanol, sugar, electricity and natural ingredients, sustainably, from sugarcane.


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With over 70 years of history, Zilor was built by people who, throughout our trajectory, shared our values and grew with us!

We are a team composed of more than 3.5 thousand employees and we came this far thanks to the people who helped us fulfill our dreams for the future.

We are looking for professionals who are willing to be part of this team, to continue writing our entrepreneurial history based on our values.

We believe that having a diversified team is leverage that can make us more innovative and proactive when searching for solutions. Multiplicity of repertoires and ideas is fundamental so that we can identify new ways to operate.

Our vision also values inclusiveness, with adequate training and support to people with disabilities so that they can be productive and proud of working in our team.

Professional Development

We offer our employees a development program focused on professional growth, creating opportunities for growth in several areas.

Our team operates in agricultural, industrial and administrative activities. Our leaderships work with the organizational expertise necessary to guide the teams and drive them towards strategic objectives.

We value and reward employees for results achieved with innovation and in alignment with the company’s values, based on the guidelines set out in our Code of Ethics.