Natural ingredients

By means of biotechnological process, Biorigin, Zilor business unit, produces natural ingredients designed to animal nutrition (feed) and human feeding (food) segments. Present in more than 60 countries, it has most of its sales aimed at overseas market, with presence in America, Europe and Asia.

In our Business Unit, technology and innovation assure providing unique solutions to the market.



Ready to comply with human feeding market requirements all over the world, Biorigin develops sustainable, vegan and vegetarian products, Clean Label and NON-GMO, based on a multidisciplinary work that engages from market trend monitoring to innovative technology deployment, relying on 100% natural ingredients.

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Biorigin has been operating in the Animal Nutrition market (pet and production) since 1994, offering natural solutions that favor the performance, health and welfare of animals.

Our products are developed with exclusive biotechnological processes and controlled from special yeast strains Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

They are natural sources of beta glucans, mannans, proteins, amino acids, organic minerals and B vitamins.

Total control of the production chain is Biorigin’s differential. With the raw material supplied by Zilor itself, the company guarantees the traceability of the entire process, from the production of yeast to the final product, providing greater safety for the customer.

Another differential is the Cultura Pura plant, the first in Brazil that allows the selection of the best yeast strains for each product and the maintenance of continuous production.

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Biorigin also has its own Research and Development Center, with three laboratories and a pilot plant, highly trained employees and cutting-edge equipment for the development of new products.

The company maintains partnerships with universities and with the most respected biotechnology research institutes in Brazil and abroad, to prove the results, features and applications of its products.


Biorigin has ISO22000 and FSSC 22000 certifications, global standards specific to the food chain, covering all stages of production, packaging and distribution logistics, ensuring food safety and good manufacturing practices.

In addition to these, it has the NON GMO Project Verified certifications for products in the FOOD, GMP + (Feed Safety Assurance) line, Kosher, products that comply with Jewish laws, and Halal, in accordance with Islamic laws. The United States unit is SQF certified for the Food Safety Management System.

Dentro das melhores práticas sustentáveis, a Biorigin possui a certificação Bonsucro para a cadeia de custódia e a ISO 14001 para o sistema de gestão ambiental.

Within the best sustainable practices, Biorigin has Bonsucro certification for the chain of custody and ISO 14001 for the environmental management system.

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