Certifications and Awards

The many certifications we have achieved prove to our customers that we employ the best practices in our operations.

Among the standards we follow, Bonsucro stands out, which certifies the sustainable production of sugarcane derivatives throughout the production chain.

In 2017, the Biorigin business unit obtained certification for the custody chain, ensuring the origin and traceability of the products sold. We made several market commitments that certify and improve the sustainability of our activities.

An example of this is the Greener Ethanol Protocol, regulated in April 2018 by the Government of the State of São Paulo. The initiative derives from the Agro-Environmental Protocol, which had the achieved purpose of mechanizing 100% of the sugarcane harvest by 2017.

Our commitment was expanded in 10 guidelines to adopt the best practices in the sugar-energy chain. These guidelines include, among others, aspects related to the conservation of soil and water resources, reuse of sugarcane by-products, firefighting, and biodiversity restoration and protection.

Zilor meets the strict international standards of the quality certification and is certified by ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and Kosher standards.

Biorigin was the first biotechnology company in the world to obtain the Bonsucro certification for the custody chain.

In addition, Biorigin is certified for the production of the following specific lines of food products:

  • Halal – Certifies that Biorigin’s products comply with Islamic standards.
  • GMP – Certifies that additives and ingredients for animal nutrition, as well as their commercialization, comply with the requirements established in this standard.
  • Kosher– Certifies that Biorigin’s products comply with Jewish laws.
  • Bonsucro – Global certification that assesses the sustainability of products made from sugarcane.


Awards – 2020

  • Copersucar – SIM Usinas Program – Quality, Inventory and Process Certification
  • Cola-Cola – Coca-Cola Ingredients Supplier Quality Award


Awards – 2019

  • UNICA’s Green Energy Seal Awards
  • RenovaBio certification


Awards – 2018

  • “Being People” Award – Category: Impact on Society – Social Responsibility – Interior Human Resources Congress (CONGERHI)
  • MasterCana Awards – Categories: Most Influential Executive and Agricultural Partners


Awards – 2015

  • Award of Best Company in the Agribusiness Industry – Best of the Year Eco Newspaper
  • UNICA’s Green Energy Seal Awards


Awards – 2014

  • Special Category: Best in Sustainability – Best in Agribusiness 2014 – Globo Rural Magazine


Awards – 2013

  • Água Brasil Program – Best of the Year by O Eco Newspaper – Category: Social and Environmental Responsibility Highlight.
  • Incentive Award for Participatory Education – Held at Facol


Awards – 2012

  • VisãoAgro Paulista Award – Top 5 Plants in the State of São Paulo


Awards – 2008

  • Award Information Technology – IT Mídia / InformationWeek Brasil Magazine IT Mídia / InformationWeek Brasil Magazine

One of the most renowned media specialized in Information Technology (IT) in Brazil. In 2008, Zilor was recognized by the vehicle among the Top 10 most innovative companies in the use of IT. The Company was the winner in the category of non-durable consumer goods.