We are a Brazilian privately held multinational that produces sugar, ethanol, renewable electric power and natural ingredients for the human consumption and animal nutrition, through the processing of sugar cane.

We are a shareholder of Copersucar and we are among those with the most representative participation in the company. Copersucar is the largest Brazilian sugar and ethanol company and one of the world’s largest exporters of these products. In our business model, all sugar and ethanol production is delivered and sold by Copersucar, which has large storage, commercial, and logistics capacity integrated into the value chain, offering logistical efficiency and global distribution, in addition to mitigating counterparty risks and facilitating our access to financing lines for working capital.

Our operations positively impact the environment and society, connected to the global need of clean energy, renewable fuel, and healthy food. Our business model is based on two divisions:


Zilor is dedicated to the processing of sugar cane for the production of sugar and ethanol, as well as exporting electric power generated by biomass, a clean and renewable source.

This operation happens in three units located in the countryside of the state of São Paulo: Barra Grande (Lençóis Paulista), São José (Macatuba) and Quatá.

The sugar cane that fuels our industrial units is cultivated according to the best environmental and occupational safety practices.

The planting and harvest are executed by our own teams for the supply to the Quatá plant. The industrial units, Barra Grande, and São José, receive the raw material from Agricultural Partners, who manage the operation in their farms of leased properties.

The Agricultural Partnerships model, initiated by Zilor 20 years ago, is consolidated as a practice of inclusion, generation and distribution of income and sustainable growth of the local economy. In this partnership, the producers sign long-term contracts and are guided with bases on the requirements of the Commitment to Socioenvironmental Performance and Conduct by Zilor.

Zilor is one of the shareholders of Copersucar, the largest Brazilian sugar and ethanol company and one of the largest world exporters of these products.

Zilor is associated to the Sugar Cane Industry Association (UNICA), the largest representative organization of the sugar and bioethanol sector in Brazil.

The electric power exported to the National Interconnected System (SIN) is negotiated by Zilor with distributors (in the regulated market) and traders (in the free and spot market).


Our business unit, Biorigin, is specialized in biotechnological processes and produces 100% natural ingredients for human consumption (Food segment) and animal nutrition (Feed segment). With industrial operations in Brazil and in the United States, and a distribution center in Belgium, the company serves clients in all continents.

Created in 2003, Biorigin is aimed at innovation, technological research, and sustainability. Its goal is to promote health and wellbeing of people, developing ingredients that enhance flavor, reduce the sodium content and extend the shelf life of the food produced by its clients, as well as investing in products that increase the functionality of animal feed, strengthening health and performance of livestock and pets.

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