Our sugar, manufacturer from sugar cane, is a natural energy source and plays an essential role to food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Brazil is, historically, one of world´s largest sugar producers. We produce the food that feeds and sweetens the lives of thousands of people, consumed all over the world.

Bulk raw crystal sugar

Raw sugar undergoes a strict refinement process, where crystals are covered by a fine molasses layer, to achieve a perfect brownish coloring. Production optimization is directly linked to our plantation fine conditions, and the production largest share is exported to major refineries all over the world, by means of Copersucar. The type produced is the VHP (Very High Polarization).


Bagged white crystal sugar

This sugar originated from another processing stage, always in compliance with Anvisa requirements, where the outcomes are crystals ready for direct consumption. It is used to produce beverages, biscuits and candies, worldwide.

It is marketed in 50 Kg bags in Brazil and overseas, and especially in 1,200 Kg big-bags for industrial customers.

Our product quality

Our sugar complies with highest standards and quality criteria. We adopt the best practices, are acknowledged by different certifications and assure social and environmental responsibility in all sugar production cycle, enabling positive impacts all over the chain.

One of the most relevant certifications, concerning our products, is from Bonsucro, that assesses and evidences all production in sustainable fashion of sugar cane byproducts in all custody chain, assuring raw material traceability.

Our sugar is also certified according to FSSC 22000 standard, that sets forth food safe production standards.

Moreover, our plants are regularly visited by customers, that acquire our products by means of Copersucar S.A, and by regular audits, to check and achieve certifications. In 2018/19 and 2019/20, we were approved in 100% of processes, certifying ZILOR´s operation and product quality high standard.

Marketing and Distribution

Our sugar is marketed and distributed by Copersucar, one of the world´s largest sugar and ethanol export, of which ZILOR is a shareholder..

Copersucar connects plants and customers, marketing large scale sugar, and it performs logistic operation with capacity to integrate every value chain link. Its business model is considered unique, with growth strategy and perpetuity based on sustainability management.