Integrity and Transparency

Zilor’s Code of Ethics is a set of principles that reflect our relationship with our customers, employees, communities, and shareholders. Knowing, understanding and experiencing the Code of Ethics is key to build Zilor’s reputation.

The Code must be part of our daily lives and our decisions, regardless of where we are and what we are doing. Doing the right thing is key for us; therefore, our decisions must be guided by integrity, loyalty, and austerity. Our legacy of over 70 years of growth and entrepreneurship inspires and strengthens our ability to act in accordance with our Values. Society is always changing, faster and faster and, as we evolve as a company, Zilor’s Code of Ethics must guide the way we do business.

Click here to view the Code of Ethics in pdf version.

Zilor’s Ethics Channel

Zilor’s Ethics Channel is a safe and confidential tool for employees, suppliers, and partners to talk about unethical situations that could harm our company and to share their concerns, questions, and suggestions related to our business.

Click here to access our Zilor’s Ethics Channel.


The Channel offers you an open road to report, in an impartial and confidential way, any situation that does not comply with Zilor’s and Biorigin’s Code of Ethics and with the Brazilian Laws. You can also call 0800 180 9000, available 24/7.