Management & Boards

Zilor invests in Corporate Governance good practices, sustaining an ethical and respectful relation with customers and collaborators. In order to reinforce the commitment with our shareholders and stakeholders, as the business perpetuity is assured, the company keeps an operation based on transparency, sustainability and professionalism principles.

The Administrative Council is the collegiate body responsible for the decision-making process regarding Zilor’s strategic guidelines. It is composed of 10 members, including 3 external members (two of whom are independent consultants), all with a 2-year term of office and the possibility of reelection. The Board of Directors meets monthly and aims at not only discussing and approving the strategic plans, but also following their implementation, promoting sustainable growth, protecting and maximizing the return on investments, and approving policies and guidelines, exercising the role of guardian of Zilor’s principles and values.

Board of Executive Officers

Name Office Beginning of Mandate End of Mandate
Francisco Amaury Olsen Chairman 07/31/2020 August 2024

Francisco Amaury Olsen – Former CEO of Tigre Brasil, is chairman of Zilor Administrative Council. He is also Independent Councilmember of Administrative Councils of Duratex, Klabin and Rotoplas Group. He was Councilmember of Administrative Council of Copersucar from october 2018 to June 2021. Business Administration graduate with extension at University of Southern California.

Carmen Tonanni Vice Chairman of the Board 07/31/2020 August 2024

Carmen Tonanni – She is Deputy Chairman of Zilor Administrative Council, and also its shareholder. She has a bachelor’s degree in law.

Luiz Zillo Neto Board member 07/31/2020 August 2024

Luiz Zillo Neto – He is also Zilor Councilmember and shareholder, and Copersucar S.A. Councilmember. He worked in Zilor treasury department, and he previously held positions in Cargill and Deutsche Bank. He took Finance MBA at University of North Carolina and is Business Administration graduate.

Miguel Zillo Board member 07/31/2020 August 2024

Miguel Zillo – He is Zilor Councilmember and shareholder, and he was Zilor director for several years. He is an accountant technician.

Raphael Lorenzetti Losasso Board member 07/27/2023 August 2024

Raphael Lorenzetti Losasso. Shareholder. Investor and producer of animal protein, grains and coffee. Graduated in Business Administration from the School of Business Administration of the State of São Paulo at Fundação Getúlio Vargas; Specialization in Finance at Insper (before IBMEC. He developed an 18-year career in the financial area at Zilor, having held the position of Financial Director for the last 8 years. He was responsible for financing the first energy cogeneration projects at the USJ, UBG and UQT; the duplication of UQT; the development and growth of Biorigin in its various phases, which include the industrial plants at UQT, Biorigin US (PTX) and Biorigin Europe and the unit’s research and development centers. Previously, he worked at Pricewaterhouse, Coopers&Lybrand and Arthur Andersen.

Antonio José Zillo Board member 07/31/2020 August 2024

Antonio José Zillo – Zilor former CEO and former COO, currently Zilor Councilmember and shareholder, and he was Copersucar S.A. and Alvean (JV Copersucar and Cargill) Councilmember and member of Decision-Making Council of Sugar Cane Industry Union (UNICA). He is a Civil Engineering graduate at Polytechnic School at Universidade de São Paulo.

José Marcos Lorenzetti Board member 07/31/2020 August 2024

José Marcos Lorenzetti – Zilor Councilmember and shareholder, Agronomy Engineering graduate at ESALQ, at Universidade de São Paulo.

Britaldo Soares Independent board member 07/31/2020 August 2024

Britaldo Soares – Zilor Independent Consulting Councilmember, chairman of Administrative Council of Enel Distribuição São Paulo, chairman of Administration Council of ABDIB – Brazilian Infrastructure and Base Industry Association, Independent Councilmember of Administrative Council of OEC – Odebrecht Engenharia e Construção, and Consulting Councilmember of Atiaia Energia S.A. (Cornélio Brennand Group). He previously worked in executive positions in large corporations, including AES Brasil, Prisma Energy, Elektro, Enron Latam, and he held the position of Corporate/Investment Banking VP in Citibank. Metallurgy Engineering graduate at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Post-Graduate in Economic Engineering at Fundação Dom Cabral and Business Management and Administration expert at Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.

José Aurélio Drummond Junior Independent board member 07/27/2023 August 2024

José Aurelio Drummond Jr. – Metallurgist and Production Engineer. Graduated from FEI Faculty of Industrial Engineering. He was Regional CEO, Executive Vice President and member of the global executive committee of the companies: Whirlpool Corporation (for Latin America and Europe) appliance sector; Alcoa (for Latin America and Global Construction and Transport division) metals and mining sector. He was CEO of ENEVA S / A energy sector, and BRF S / A, food sector. He also worked as a consultant for Accenture for 6 years early in his career. He has served on several boards of directors and advisory boards for companies such as Alcoa Latin America and Caribe, Whirpool S / A, Oncoclinicas do Brasil, Victoria Capital Partner, Eneva, BRF among others. He is currently a member of the board at DPSP, part of the Edson Queiroz Group.

The Board of Directors is comprised by 4 members, elected by the Administrative Council, with two-year mandate, with possibility of reelection. It is responsibility of the Board of Directors to administrate and manage Zilor’s business, in compliance with the policies and regulations established in the Bylaws, as well as the legal provisions and resolutions of both the Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management, organization and control of Zilor’s daily activities and several areas.

Board of Directors

Name Office Beginning of Mandate End of Mandate
Fabiano José Zillo CEO Zilor/Biorigin 07/24/2020 July 2024

Fabiano Zillo – Zilor and Biorigin CEO, Master in Agriculture at ESALQ (USP). Took MBA in Business Management at FGV, and extension course focused on strategy and innovation at Wharton Business School.

Maurício Rosário da Barrosa Biorigin Director 12/30/2020 July 2024

Mauricio Rosário da Barrosa – Member of the Board of Zilor and Business Director of Biorigin, he is a member of the Advisory Board of Copersucar S.A. He held positions in the industrial operations area of ​​Zilor and in consultancy Falconi. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo and an MBA from Cornell University.

Denise Araújo Francisco Chief Financial Officer 02/02/2024 July 2024

Denise Araújo Francisco – CFO of Zilor, graduated in Chemical Engineering with a Master’s in Production Engineering from UFRJ, with more than 30 years of experience in the financial area. Specialist in finance and strategic management, holds a C-Level position since 2006. Holds the position of Administration Advisor since 2017. Advisor at IBGC, Member of the IBEFSP Board of Directors and Guest Professor in MBA courses.

Denise was CFO and DRI at CTC – Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira, having also held other executive positions in companies in the sugar-energy sector such as São Martinho, Grupo Cerradinho and Clealco.

Artur de Abreu e Lima Melo Agro-Industry Officer 06/05/2023 July 2024

Artur de Abreu e Lima Melo – Zilor Agroindustry Director, industrial chemistry from the Catholic University of Pernambuco. He has an MBA in Business Management from FGV. He has 24 years of experience in the area of ​​industrial operations, sugar and ethanol production from sugar cane. He served as a Director in companies such as ETH and COFCO Internacional.

Carlos Lienstadt People & Organization Officer 10/27/2022 July 2024

Carlos Lienstadt – People & Organization Office, holds a degree in Economics from Univille and in Computer Science from UTESC. He has a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management from ISPG and Organizational Behavior from Universidade Positivo, and an MBA in Business Administration and Management from FGV. He has more than 30 years of experience in HR and Communication, having worked internationally for companies such as Embraco and Yara Fertilizantes.


Marcelo Biscaro Agro-Industry Officer Biorigin 04/01/2022 July 2024

Marcelo Biscaro – is graduated in Veterinary Medicine by Alfenas University, and post graduated by Faculdades Padre Anchieta in Business Administration and Advanced Management Program by APG Amana Key. He has worked as Industrial Director in the Food and Beverage sector in companies such as Lactalis do Brasil, PepsiCo and Parmalat.

Luís Fernando Radulov Queiroz Legal & Compliance Officer 11/24/2022 July 2024

Luís Radulov – Graduated and specialized in business law from PUC/SP, with a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. He has taken leadership development programs at the University of Virginia and the IMD Business School in Switzerland. He has extensive experience in positions related to corporate law, having been a partner in a law firm and working for more than 17 years as a leader in companies such as GE Capital, AES Brasil, ABB and Hitachi Energy.


Zilor Administrative Council is advised by 3 committees, coordinated by independent advisors:

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, coordinated by Mr. Britaldo Soares, is responsible for developing and following Company risk and financial management policies, as defined by its own name. The Committee reports regularly to Administrative Council on its activities.

The Strategy and Innovation Committee, coordinated by Mr. José Drummond, is liable to support the Administrative Council in topics related to long-term guidelines and strategic actions, and initiatives concerning technological research and innovation.

Personnel and Sustainability Management Committee, coordinated by Mr. José Drummond, directs the way how actions and investments related to Zilor’s workforce development are managed, as well as analysis of sustainability themes.