Codes and Policies


The Zilor Group is committed to maintaining corporate governance best practices, based on principles that are inspired by transparency and respect to its stakeholders. In this sense, the Company incorporates behavioral patterns and policies into its daily routine that guide the decision-making process for the entire organizational structure.

Here are some examples of the Company’s widely disseminated policies:

The People Management Policy defines how we undertake initiatives and make investments related to our staff development. The document aims to ensure that leaders can manage and lead their teams to achieve the proposed strategic goals, valuing people who take on challenges and produce high-performance results.

The Risk Management Policies of the Company and its subsidiaries are established to identify and analyze the risks to which the Company and its subsidiaries are exposed, as well as to set appropriate control and risk limits and monitor risks and compliance with these limits. The risk management policies and systems are reviewed on a regular basis to reflect changes based on market conditions and the operations of the Company and its subsidiaries. Through management and training procedures and standards, the Company and its subsidiaries seek to maintain a disciplined and controlled environment in which all employees are aware of their functions and duties.

The Sustainability Policy aims to formalize the Company’s commitment to fostering the sustainable development of its operations, based on fundamental values of human rights, work relations and the environment, contributing to the value creation for all the Company’s audiences and stakeholders. This policy also aims to show the Company’s socio-environmental performance and its long-term business perspectives in a responsible and transparent manner.

The Company also has other policies, including leasing, goods and services, hiring of audit services, sale of products, investments and indebtedness, among others.