Actions and precautions with Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic, caused by the new coronavirus, resulted in relevant impacts in all productive sectors. We are taking different actions to avoid the contamination of our employees and their families, to serve our customers and suppliers, and to support communities next to our company.

All actions are monitored by a risk committee, which constantly monitors the guidelines of national and international health authorities to reassess the measures taken in accordance with established protocols. 

The initiatives are being widely communicated and disseminated through press releases and on the company’s internal and external channels. The operational continuity was ensured by a planning work and close cooperation between our teams and suppliers, as we are considered #essential for the production and distribution of fuels, electricity, and food.


Actions regarding the Society

We value and seek to strengthen the partnership between private power and the community. During our journey, we have built a strong relationship of commitment with the municipalities where we have production units. Our mission is also to support these populations, who help us to build and strengthen our businesses, through initiatives that contribute to promoting people’s well-being, with important actions in the society.

For this reason, it is also part of our job to participate in the national action of union and support to society, whether with the donation of rubbing alcohol 70% to enable a greater protection in hospitals and the cleaning of Covid-19 field hospital, or with the support for other initiatives to protect our communities, such as making protective masks for health professionals and the population. Check out our initiatives:


We Are All Essential

With the #weareallessential campaign, we donated food staples to families in situations of social vulnerability who live next to our production units. The action plays a social role in the communities and it is important to reduce the impacts caused by the stoppage of some economic activities during the quarantine period in Brazil.


Hands that Sew Hope

In partnership with the city halls neighboring our units, we promoted the campaign: “Hands that Sew Hope”. The initiative was created with the aim of supporting the production of protectives masks for use by health professionals and to be donated to communities. About 25 thousand items were produced in the first batch.

Our company acquired the necessary materials (fabrics, threads, and elastic bands), and seamstresses from these municipalities produced the protective masks. City halls were involved in making the donation to hospitals, health units, and to the population.


Donation of Rubbing Alcohol 70%

Zilor joined the Union of the Sugarcane Industry (UNICA) in the campaign #It’sforEveryone. The action involves industries to produce and donate rubbing alcohol 70%, essential for the hands sanitizing and hospital equipment cleaning to avoid contagion by the new coronavirus.

Our rubbing alcohol 70% production reached a volume of more than 7 thousand liters that were donated to 13 municipalities next to our production units.